PHONE: (435) 635-4619


Coreen Gubler : Librarian

Coreen Gubler | Librarian

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Jennifer LeBaron : Pre-School Teacher

Jennifer LeBaron | Pre-School Teacher

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Brittany Faiga : Computer Teacher

Brittany Faiga | Computer Teacher

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Chris Maxwell : Wellness Aide/Take Home Library

Chris Maxwell | Wellness Aide/Take Home Library

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David Lowe : Head Custodian

David Lowe | Head Custodian

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Barry Larson : Custodian

Barry Larson | Custodian

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Michelle Stewart : Custodian

Michelle Stewart | Custodian

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Deb Charon : Lunch Manager

Deb Charon | Lunch Manager

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Ingrid Butler : Lunch

Ingrid Butler | Lunch

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Mistie Baird : Reading Aide

Mistie Baird | Reading Aide

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Rachel Black : Breakfast/Lunch Aide

Rachel Black | Breakfast/Lunch Aide

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Amanda Gubler : Teacher Aide

Amanda Gubler | Teacher Aide

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Rebecca Gubler : Librarian

Rebecca Gubler | Librarian

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Missy Kleinman : Reading Aide

Missy Kleinman | Reading Aide

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Lisa Johnson : Reading Aide

Lisa Johnson | Reading Aide

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Holly Munson : Reading Aide

Holly Munson | Reading Aide

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Mei Pozek : Lunch Aide

Mei Pozek | Lunch Aide

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Mykal Shirley : ESL/Lunch Aide

Mykal Shirley | ESL/Lunch Aide

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Mission Statement

"Here at La Verkin Elementary we work together to build leaders who live, love, learn, and leave a legacy!"



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